Rihanna has been making some serious new moves. As if she isn’t already taking the media by storm, she has a new deal with Puma and now she will be Season 9’s Key Advisor. What are your thoughts? Do you think she will make a positive impact on the show? Comment below with your thoughts. […]

Rihanna‘s video for “B*tch Better Have My Money” has proven to be a bit too much for some folks to handle, and there’s been mass pearl-clutching about it all over the Internet. She has always loved a video that gets people talking though! With kidnap, nudity, abuse, torture, and implied murder, “BBHMM” was high on the NSFW […]

Rihanna goes SUPER hard in her new video “BBHMM”. She’s kidnapping people, killin’ people and more!! Check out the crazy video HERE!!! A$AP ROCKY TALKS RIHANNA & IGGY!! RIHANNA BREAKS HISTORY…AGAIN!!! *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON K 97.5  & FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM @DJANGELBABY & TWITTER @DJ_ANGELBABY***

Rihanna finally released a teaser for her new single “B-tch Better Have My Money”, earlier today. Millions of fans waited in anticipation after she broke the news with a cleverly mysterious Instagram post alluding to the release. She captioned the photo: “rihannaNOW.com #R8 #BBHMM #March26.” Rihanna made the announcement via Twitter to her “rihnavy” of over 43 million followers. The song […]

We’ve been waiting for more from Rihanna’s “R8” album and here it is. A new single “BBHMM” which is short for “b***h betta’ have my money”. Check it out HERE!!  RIHANNA RESPONDS TO LEONARDO DICAPRIO RUMORS RIHANNA’S THE FIRST BLACK DIOR SPOKESPERSON *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON K 97.5  & FOLLOW […]

Rihanna is getting ready to deliver something on Thursday because she told her entire Rihanna Navy to have their coins ready! With no release date…