Charles Hamilton’s last attempt at rap superstardom ended with him finding out he was dropped from Interscope Records via the Internet. A supposedly playful rap…

Wow. If there was any question about Charles Hamilton’s sanity this record should seal the deal. On “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You” he takes shots at everyone from Rick Ross, Keri Hilson and Young Jeezy to Drake, Biggie and Tupac. We guess his point is that no one is untouchable but this comes off […]

Last night in NYC Charles Hamilton made one of his first public appearances in a long while at S.O.B.s. The beleaguered MC had a rough 2009 but took a step towards redemption (sort of)  warming the stage up for ATL’s B.O.B.

This story is just to strange for words!!! Rapper Charles Hamilton who was recently TWO PIECED by Mary G Blige’s step-daughter has decided he wants to rap as a FEMALE!!!!