Today, Juicy was in her feelings about something, SO SHE BROKE IT DOWN THRU SONG. Press play to check out today’s show…

The UFC star graced the cover of GQ Style Magazine and opened up about everything from his feelings about Donald Trump, to his creepy obsession with Khloe Kardashian.

Usher shares his thoughts on technology in the modern dating world. While dating apps like Tinder have undoubtedly affected the way a lot of younger people go about dating to begin with, smartphones and the pull have technology also have an affect on the ability of two people to focus on building a relationship. Sign […]

Usher‘s new hit song, “No Limit” is a hit with the ladies, of course. As Usher says himself, it’s one of the “more racy,” songs on the album. Notably he mentions giving a woman that “Ghetto D,” in the song, so he explains exactly what he meant by that phrase. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Usher‘s new album, “Hard II Love,” has been released to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. We asked him if he would consider himself hard to love, and he answered: everybody is, at some point or other. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the exclusive video above to hear more of his answer […]

The concept behind Usher‘s hot new album, “Hard II Love,” is beautifully relatable. Its album cover goes beyond the commonly used gorgeous photo of the artist, and is actually representative of the album’s overarching message. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Usher explains why he choose to use a shot of the eroded face of a […]

Rob Kardashian's fianceé posed naked and cradled her growing baby bump on the cover of Paper magazine’s 1,000 Beautiful People September issue.

Trey Songz releases a breathtaking remake of David Bowie's “Life On Mars?" & more

Kanye West is on his third go round as we know it with the name change of his album. The name of his album now is “T.L.O.P.” Yeezy is offering a free pair of Yeezy’s and a ticket to his concert in Madison Square Garden to anyone who can guess the acronym. What do you […]

Bobby Shmurda reveals the five-song tracklist for “Shmurda She Wrote.” Bobby Shmurda, who signed to Epic Records this year, has revealed the cover art and tracklis Home > News > Bobby Shmurda “Shmurda She Wrote” Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist Bobby Shmurda “Shmurda She Wrote” Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist Shmurda confirmed the […]

Despite the fact viewership has consistently declined, “American Idol” is still giving young hopefuls their shot at singing stardom. One of this season’s frontrunners is…

For her second album “Friends & Lovers,” soul singer Marsha Ambrosius has really gotten in touch with her sexuality. In her latest video for the…