Shaq violated the man code when he threw Dwyane Wade under the bus for cheating on Gabrielle Union with Lauren London. While trying to kick game to Newsweek reporter Allison Samuels Shaq but Wade on blast. Check out the e-mails : Samuels: Hi. [FYI, the email address bounces back]. Or I can give her […]

Dwyane Wade recently wrote an article for Newsweek in which he divulged details about his new life as a single father. It’s no secret that he and his ex-wife Siovaughn went through an ugly divorce and bitter custody battle, but now that he’s gained full custody of his two young sons, the reward has proven […]

Gabrielle Union doesn’t often reveal details about her relationship with boyfriend Dwyane Wade, but she recently divulged a few to HipHollywood on their future: marriage, kids, and a possible reality show. On Marriage & Kids “We’re just happy, so whatever comes down the road is down the road. And it’ll be in order. There would […]

Gabrielle Union is refuting rumors that she is pregnant. The rumors started swirling after a video surfaced of her giving boyfriend Dwyane Wade a toast at his birthday party. Gabrielle Union Makes (Hilarious) Toast To Dwyane Wade On His B-Day [VIDEO] We didn’t notice her belly seeming any more round than usual, but it seems […]

Gabrielle Union gave the sweetest and funniest toast to her boyfriend Dwyane Wade at his 29th birthday recently. As part of her speech, she admitted that she loves him because he’ll let her know when her tracks aren’t covered. “It’s true, he tells me when my tracks aren’t covered. It’s true, he says I think […]

ESPN put new teammates Chrish Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in the hot seat and asked them how they planned to share the ball on one Miami Heat squad.