Growing up, AmaRece Davis (pictured) didn’t have the most-positive outlook. In fact, it was the same outlook as most of the young men in Homewood,…

Reducing the amount of solid waste we each generate is the first step. We can all look at the things we do every day that make garbage and see which ones are necessary and which ones are not. You can do your part to help!

Let’s get ready to save the world! We’re coming to your block to see who has got what it takes to Go Green! From October 20th to November 17th, your your block will battle it out to see who’s going green. All you have to do is place your recycling bin containing recyclable materials out […]

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and here's a new one for 2010: go green in a job search and incorporate telecommuting as a work option.

Watch President Obama’s challenge for Earth Day! How will you do your part?

Save the green in your pockets with these energy saving tips!

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to “go green with a home makeover and stay within your budget.”