flava flav

 Flava Flav was arrested this morning in Las Vegas for assaulting someone in his house. Flavs fiance called 911 after a he got into a heated argument with her and a teenager in his home. It is unclear if the teenager is one of Flava Flav many children. According to reports, the 53-year-old rapper and reality TV star allegedly threatened one person […]

It still baffles me that Flava Flav had a TV show that had women fighting for his love, I mean literally fighting for this man right here…..Yeahhhhh Boyeeeeeeeeeeee! #That’s All

Look like Flava Flav is getting out of the chicken bizness. With bounced paychecks, spoiled potatoe salad among other problems Flav said he doesn’t want his name attached to that resturant that has been opened less than 4 months in Clinton,Iowa.

Hook someone up for the Holidays with Flava Flav.Flav voice has been added to GPS Devices from Garmin and TomTom and it’s explicit. Yeahhhhhhhhhh Boy!!! Check it out….