Gilbert Arenas bashed dark-skinned women–specifically Lupita Nyong’o–before delivering a half-apology. The NBA player landed in hot water with Instagram after attacking dark-skinned women and their right to feel beautiful. It all started when ProBlkThought, posted a message on Instagram, stating, “Dear Black Girl, You don’t have to be mixed to be beautiful.” What could possibly […]

Gilbert Arenas doesn’t seem to like Black women…or at least, dark-skinned. Black women…”like Tyrese black.” His words, not ours. Arenas ranted his foolishness via a recent Instagram comment. When one user posted an image reading, “Dear Black Girl, You don’t have to be mixed to be beautiful,” Arenas responded with a dose of colorism and anti-Blackness. […]

Ex NBA star Gilbert Arenas has once again shown why somebody needs to take his darn phone smh. An IG page entitled @problkthought posted this meme: Well No Chill Gil responded with this: Hopefully Gilberts beautiful black mother AND daughters never have to experience people who share the same thoughts as their son/father.  

Basketball Wives LA star, Laura Govan, seems to be taking her defamation lawsuit with a breeze and now she might pay for it. Govan was sued by her ex-boyfriend — former Memphis Grizzlies player, Gilbert Arenas — for defamation back in 2015. Arenas accused Govan of leaking an email she sent to him accusing him of giving […]

Gilbert Arenas is reportedly expecting his sixth child, but the circumstances aren't exactly ideal.

Did 50 Cent and Gilbert Arenas just share a moment over child support?

Gilbert Arenas' $111 million contract with the Washington Wizards is just about to expire, at which point, the baller claims, he'll no longer be able to afford private school for his kids.


According to Gilbert Arenas, it's possible.

The video circulating on Twitter shows 'No Chill Gil' breaking into Nick Young's house.

Laura pulls no punches as she spills all the tea with Jason Lee, even coming for her sister Gloria Govan in the process.

Laura sat down with Hollywood Unlocked and compared their relationship to OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown: “I do think about Nicole Brown a lot. I’m not gone lie to you. Not in the sense of like, ‘Do I fear for my life? Sometimes I do. I’mma be 100 with you. Because there’s a lot that […]