Sources close to the hit boy band Backstreet Boys claim that Kanye West didn't get permission to use elements of their hit 1997 "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" for his new song, "Everybody."

Pet Shop Boys, a United Kingdom pop duo, says that Drake didn't clear a sample for their hit song "West End Girls" for his new album.

Here’s a bit of background on samples you may not have known about that are topping charts today!

The music world is morning the loss of iconic Jazz musician Ramsey Lewis, who passed away today (Sept. 12) at the age of 87. The legendary Chicago pianist died peacefully in his home, as confirmed by the artist’s official Facebook page. Phillip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire, who collaborated with Lewis on the 1974 hit, “Sun […]

When Danger Mouse released The Grey Album, a mash-up of The Beatles self-titled 1968 album, also known as The White Album, with Jay-Z’s 2003 album The Black Album, the Beatles’ record label, EMI, put a stop to its distribution because none of the samples of the Fab Four’s work had been cleared.  It turns out […]