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A lot of people are trip’n about Trey Songz doing a remake of the POWER theme and guess who got killed off (ALREADY)…. Press the play button to listen to today’s Hip Hop Spot…  

You gotta listen to today’s Hip Hop Spot with @HeadKrack, he addresses the Nicki Minaj, Joe Buttons BEEF!!!

The Week’nd & Rae Sremmurd set tour dates…

Migos dropped some hints about their upcoming collaboration with Childish Gambino.

Drake has had a stellar year; he dropped his fourth studio album, Views, in April and it subsequently spent several weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Not only that, but the album also grabbed some Grammy nominations. That, plus a lucrative tour, adds up to lots of success (and money) for the […]

Lupe Fiasco dropped a song called “N.E.R.D.,” in which he made some digs perceived to be aimed at J. Cole. That wasn’t the only person Lupe allegedly took shots at, however, and one of the parties he talked about may or may not have been some very powerful people that aren’t allowed to be talked […]

When Kanye West met with Donald Trump, nobody could fathom why he would do such a thing. His actions, and previous comments became a huge topic of conversation, leading people like Common & John Legend to speak out about it. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Headkrack wonders, however, if it’s totally impossible for Kanye’s meeting […]

Killa Mike breaks down the election…

What’s up with Jaheim’s hair & DJ Khaled ties the knot!!!!