It seems like forever since Kanye West‘s “Yeezus” tour began in October 2013. But after crossing continents and stirring up a slew of controversy with his…

There were several surprise winners at the 2012 BET Awards…… Beyonce and Solange’s boyfriend Alan Ferguson winning best video director over Benny Boom and Hype Williams????? AND I don’t know how the voting is done but Kevin Hart winning best actor over Denzel Washington????? GTFOHWTBS… To see the complete list of winners click here…

Famed hip-hop director Hype Williams has made a career out of his flashy approach to music videos.  His two most recent clips, Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” and Lil’ Wayne’s “6’7” draw heavily from movies you may have seen. “6’7” was obviously inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and “All Of The Lights” borrows from […]

Lil’ Wayne‘s video for “6’7” premieres on MTV tonight, but it premiered on the internet overnight. Check out the Hype-Williams video below.

Talib Kweli recently dropped his album, Gutter Rainbows. The video for its first single, “Cold Rain,” is inspired by Denzel Washington’s Book Of Eli and had us reminiscing over some videos based on movies. Take a look at our list for the top ten music videos inspired by films. 10. Joe Budden – Pump It […]

Kim Kardashian was busy stretching her 15 minutes of fame this New Year’s Eve.  The reality TV star debuted her new single produced by The Dream “Turn It Up” at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. It doesn’t sound half bad if you ask me. Also check out photo stills from the music video directed by […]

While the world was glued to LeBron James stroking his own ego on ESPN last night, another egomaniac took a bit of a blow to his own ego.