Model Jessica Gomes has finally revealed the story behind her infamous ‘M-M-Maybach Music’ drop – and says she hasn’t seen a dollar in royalties from any of the MMG crew. The Australian beauty says her hook-up with Rozay came via Jay-Z in 2008 and the drop is part of an extended clip from the track […]

Last week we reported who the sultry voice behind Maybach Music was, Australian model, Jessica Gomes. It has recently came to the light that the Australian beauty hasn’t been paid for her contributions to MMG¬† but is it isn’t due to bad business dealings. During an interview with Global Grind, Jessica revealed how the whole […]

If you’ve heard a recent song by Rick Ross or any of his Maybach Music artists like Wale or Meek Mill, you’ve heard the voice of an unidentified woman saying “Maybach Music” at the beginning of most of their songs. What does she look like? Who is she? We now know! Where Maybach Music Was […]