"I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready," Biden said as he spoke on the White House lawn.

Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane tweeted an apology to his 10,000 followers late Monday after editors mistakenly published a story headlined "Biden to launch presidential campaign," according to Politico.


Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama will make an appearance at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival in New York Saturday.

As the 2016 presidential race kicks into high-gear we decided to get in the groove by helping candidates pick their campaign theme songs.

In a moving interview with Stephen Colbert, Vice President Joe Biden spoke about a potential presidential bid and the death of his son

A jovial Vice President Joe Biden glad-handed with admirers during an appearance Monday at a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh.

Despite the measurable gains that have been made, there's clearly still a racial divide in the recovery New Orleans residents have experienced in the 10 years since Katrina.

Although he hasn't entered the presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden is polling better than most declared candidates.

Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign went from a hypothetical to a legit possibility over the last few months. Now, you can argue it’s likely, thanks to what Barack…

"We came back because my family and I wanted to show solidarity with the families and with the church," said VP Joe Biden.

Joe Biden described his bond with his late son as being as strong as iron.


In hollow pandering of the usual kind, Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama had “inflamed racial tensions” during his…