“It’s About To Go Down!” The gentleman by the name of Kenny Bayless has been appointed as the official referee for the pound-for-pound showdown that will take place next week! Also, judges Burt Clements, Glenn Feldman and Dave Moretti has been announced as the judges for this fight that will go down as the one […]

Judge Gerald Popeo (pictured), a Utica City, New York judge was accused of denigrating Blacks and others. Despite his actions, he got to keep his job, according to…

 What do you get when you put a producer, a pop star diva, a colorful rapper and a country singer together…….The next batch of American Idol judges. Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey have been joined by Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban to judge the new season of American Idol. Word is Mariah and Nicki Minaj are already […]

 Is American Idol bringing on a Bad Boy? Word is producers of the show have been in talks with Diddy to replace Steven Tyler as one of the judges on American Idol. No worries about a J.Lo and Diddy hook up on the show she has been replaced by Mariah Carey. Let’s see if next season […]

X Factor’s $5 Million dollar contest is back and they are having national auditions in Greensboro,NC. Come join me on Saturday, April 21st at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh for auditions and a chance to win one of  FOX 50’s  four  GUARANTEED auditions in Greensboro. I will be one of the judges at THE X […]