Music producer Brandon Parrott is allegedly suing 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for their song "P.I.M.P."

Despite being known for his music and sexual exploits, Uncle Luke is a leading advocate in South Florida for HIV care and services. Progressive Care Inc. & PharmCo, LLC, which specialize in anti-viral patient management, long term care and durable medical equipment has retained Uncle Luke as the company’s spokesperson. As the company’s executive spokesman […]

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare) Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals 56 Forsyth Street, NW, Atlanta, GA When: 5/8/1992 What: After two years of countersuits and trials, the Eleventh Federal Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a previous ruling that 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty As They Wanna Be was obscene and sale of […]

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare) Early office of Luke Skyywalker Records. 1205 N.W. 54 St.Liberty City, Miami, Fl 33142 When: 1986 What: Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell launched the independent Luke Skyywalker Records (eventually changed to Luke Records after a George Lucas lawsuit) which finds great success as the recording home to acts […]

Uncle luke is having a lil trouble raising campaign money for his run for Mayor of Miami. At a recent fundraiser he only raised $250 by charging $25 to $500. The election is May 14th and his opponets are reporting no less than $160,000 raised. Maybe Uncle Luke need to go to the strip clubs […]

via: The daughter of Luke who was featured on his reality show “Luke’s Parental Advisory”, is looking to get her own 15 minutes of fame alleging that he used to brutally beat her mother.She she is also stating that her father only claims 1 of his 5 children and wants his son Luther to […]