The former pharmaceutical CEO listed the only known copy of Once Upon A Time in Shaolin on eBay, with bids reaching up to $1 million. Shkreli, who bought the album for $2 million in 2015, said half of the money will go to “medical research.” Related Stories: Wu Tang Clan Affiliate Allegedly Surrenders To Police […]

Last year Martin Shkreli purchased the only copy of the Wu-Tang album, “One Upon A Time In Shaolin,” for a total of 2 million dollars. According to Complex, Shkreli made a promise to Wu-Tang fans that id Donald Trump won the presidential election, he would share snippets from the album. Welp, Trump has won the […]

We're not sure if B.o.B. still believes the earth is flat, but one thing's for sure his new single is a hit.

Martin Shkreli has been gracing the headlines since last year when he spiked the price of HIV/AIDS medication and attempted to bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail… Well he had lots to talk about in his recent interview with the Breakfast Club. Check it out below…. Related Stories: Meet the Man Who Paid $2 Million […]