Mike Epps’ wife Michelle is not going down without a fight in their divorce. She’s fighting for support and full custody of their kids. Its probably gonna get a little messy in there. Check out the crazy details HERE!! Is it too much to wish they’d end this drama and make it work? MOTHER SHARES TEXT […]

Lira Galore and Rick Ross were, for a brief moment in time, madly in love, it seemed. They were headed down the isle together, and he even brought her through to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and gushed about his soon-to-be wife. Sadly, their relationship didn’t quite go the way Rick Ross seemed to envision things […]

It looks like Mike Epps has decided to play nice. Not long after he called Lira Galore a “man” and Lil Duval stepped in to back him up, the actor/comedian issued a public apology to the model. But first, let’s revisit when Mike came for Lira on Instagram. It all started when someone hacked Lira’s Twitter and a screenshot of […]

Comedian Lil Duval decided to put in his two cents, insinuating that the hack was a "publicity stunt" for attention.

Lira Galore‘s Memorial Day weekend definitely ended with a bang, but probably not the way she had hoped. Rick Ross‘s ex-fiance got her Twitter hacked on Sunday and the hacker posted Lira’s steamy DM’s to a lot of well known celebs. Mike Epps may have a lot of making up to do with his wife […]

https://twitter.com/ElaineWelteroth/status/733709580115542018 Teen Vogue is breaking barriers. The publication has hired its first Black editor-in-chief. On Thursday, Teen Vogue announced that Elaine Welteroth has been appointed editor-in-chief. The role was formerly held by Amy Astley. “Elaine, Marie and Phil are fearlessly at the forefront, inspiring young trendsetters with their sophisticated take on emerging fashion, beauty and […]

ABC continues to bring more diversity to network television. After the succes of shows such as “Scandal”, Black-ish”, “How To Get Away With Murder,” and “Fresh Off The Boat” the network is now preparing to launch a new show entitled’Uncle Buck’starring comedian Mike Epps and actress Nia Long The show will be based on the […]

We all know the internet was booming with memes, pictures and videos of Katt Williams getting beat up by a kid. Welp, comedian Mike Epps didn’t let up on Katt with his jokes. Check out the video below. Related Stories: Mike Epps Explains Why He “Feels Weird” On Social Media [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Mike Epps’ Wife: […]

When Mike Epps stopped by “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, he had everybody in stitches! He reveals his super bowl predictions, and how he set his kids straight…

We could’ve sworn Mike Epps was the one talking about not leaving his wife for the “groupies” however, he’s in a similar predicament now. A few days ago we found out he’s divorcing his wife of 10 years and a while back he was caught creeping in some chicks dm’s. Well, now his wife is speaking […]

The comedian pulls the plug on his marriage after ten years and two children.