Bryson Tiller fans got a shock when he dropped his new album “True to Self” a month early. i know we said June 23rd… but i say we Set it Off Tonight!! ALBUM OUT NOW @AppleMusic — tiller (@brysontiller) May 26, 2017 // Related Stories: Bryson Tiller Reveals His Upcoming Album Is Almost Done […]

Day 3 of Black History Facts… As a child one of the first things you learn during Black History Month is that Garrett Morgan invented the street light. He was the first to apply for and to be awarded a U.S. patent for the traffic signal. However, he didn’t stop there. According to the African […]

Via BrianDawsonPresents Check out pictures from the Pretty Party In Red. Brian Dawson joins Duke Heart Health & Kroger to encourage women to fight heart disease through preventative measures such as getting a check up, eating healthy and ZUMBA!

Via: NewsOne Officials at UC San Diego are condemning a ghetto-themed party organized by fraternity students to mock Black History Month. A Facebook posting advertising Monday’s ‘Compton Cookout’ invited people to a condominium complex off-campus. The invitation urged all participants to wear chains, rapper-style urban clothing by makers such as FUBU and speak very loudly. […]

Rosa L. Parks, civil rights activist and inspiration for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was born in Tuskeegee, AL, on this date in 1913.