Orlando shooting

Watch Roland Martin, Ali Velshi, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the latest details in the investigation into the Orlando massacre in the video clip above.

According to one of the victim’s of the Orlando mass shooting the shooter Omar Marteen spared black people? Really? According to Bossip: Patience Carter reads poem and explains in detail her horrific experience at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando after a gunman opened fire, killing 49 and wounding 53 others, including Patience herself. This is sooo […]

The 13 speeches against the thousand mass shootings that have occurred in his second term speak to the enormous amount of work that must be done to change the gun control debate in America.

More sad news is coming out of Orlando as family members and loved ones continue to share their last words with those killed in the Orlando club shooting. One victim’s snapchat chronicles the gunman’s attack.Check out the sad video HERE!! ! MOTHER SHARES TEXT MSG’S FROM HER SON INSIDE CLUB!!  CELEBRITIES SPEAK OUT ON ORLANDO SHOOTING […]

Stacey Dash is known for speaking her mind and most people think she says some pretty outlandish things when it comes to politics and race relations. According to Bossip, its being reported that Stacey had some very insensitive things to say about the Orlando shooting. Check out one of her tweets: Umm, really Stacey. Check out […]

Around 2am on Sunday morning, June 12th, tragedy struck Pulse Night Club in Orlando, FL, and the lives of many were forever changed. Omar Mateen, 29, killed at least 50 people and injured another 50 in what is now the worst mass shooting in US History. The senseless act of violence is being considered both […]