As of Monday morning Duke Energy reported some 330,000 power outages – that’s down from 1 million right after Hurricane Matthew. Click below to see the latest outage MAP. To report an OUTAGE.  

In the Wake of the winter storm, some have experienced power outages. About 220,000 people have had their power restored, while others are still experiencing the outage. After spending money to stock up on food, some may have to be thrown out if its held above 40 degrees for more than 2 hours: -Hot dogs, […]

 As Hurricane Sandy victims continue to get back to some type of normalcy help is much-needed. Many are still without power and many have lost their homes during the devastation of Sandy.Several Motorcycle Clubs in the 919 area have partnered with bike clubs in GA, NY and MD to help resupply shelters in New York City […]

 She came through like a woman scorned. Hurricane Sandy left 84 people confirmed dead,thousands stranded and millions without power. The deaths include 5 in New York, 2 in Maryland, 2 in Connecticut, 3 in New Jersey, 2 in Pennsylvania, 1 in West Virginia, 1 from the HMS Bounty replica, 1 in Canada and 67 in the Caribbean. […]