Gabrielle Union has been vocal throughout the entire election process, so it's no surprise that the actress let loose on social media.

Two videos surfaced of Trick Daddy yelling, cursing, and spitting on a cell phone video.

Solo hopped on Twitter and dragged NYT critic Jon Caramanica for filth.

It doesn’t seem like the drama between Future and Ciara is slowing down. While Future took to twitter the other day ranting about how much of a control freak CiCi is, sources from Ciara’s camp said those accusations were false. Future is blaming Ciara for ruining his Christmas. According to TMZ, Ciara had agreed to […]

Head's statement on Facebook was so well received that it has now been shared almost 1,200 times.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is making a play for the unemployment line with his latest round of social media antics. After a rough…

The video below went viral last weekend and you’ll see why after watching. In the video you can see high school principle, Nancy Gordeuk, make a few racially charged comments from the podium. I’ll admit that I’ve been to a few graduation ceremonies and there have been a few times where I’ve wanted to say something to […]

After being called the n-word, Coleman had every right to feel the way he did and to speak on it however he pleased.

Don’t say anything to Lauryn Hill about her tardiness to her own shows because she will read you the riot act. The lauded R&B star…

Besides directing movies and performing high crane video shots, one of Spike Lee‘s other area of expertise is ranting. But there’s so much truth to…