rappers in jail

G Herbo was arrested and charged with battery earlier today after an argument with the mother of his child got physical. Herbo and Ariana Fletcher got into a heated argument on Wednesday morning, and cops say at some point he physically assaulted her. Police say that Herbo left the scene of the incident with their […]

Rapper Troy Ave was released from prison on Monday after posting a $500,000 bond secured by his mother’s home in Brooklyn. Troy may be home for now, but he won’t be able to travel due to his house arrest conditions. The rapper was locked up and charged with attempted murder back in May after a […]

G-Unit rapper Young Buck might be heading back behind bars. The Memphis rapper is being accused of threatening the fiance of one of his kids mothers. Buck got upset when the man called him a “sorry excuse for a father”. Buck responded by a series of text messages to the man that included threats of […]

Meek Mill just began serving his 90 day house arrest sentence last week, but according to TMZ his legal team is working on an appeal. Meek’s lawyers are requesting that a judge reconsider the stipulations of the house arrest that forbid him from recording or performing any music while serving his time. The lawyers will […]

Bobby Shmurda will be spending even more time in prison. The rapper was in court again today attempting to convince a judge to release him on bail after being arrested last year on a bunch of conspiracy and drug charges. The judge in the case claimed that there was no “substantive change” in the case, […]

The Migos are reunited and I assume it feels so good. Member Offset was released from jail a little over a week ago and now its back to business for the group. He was arrested about 8 months ago for felony weapons and drug charges following a performance at Georgia Southern University. After pleading guilty […]

Rapper DMX is in trouble with the law once again. Just last month X was sitting in jail fuming because his son was selling some of his prize possessions. [Click HERE if you missed that] X has been out of jail for a few weeks but found himself behind bars again on Tuesday on a […]

Houston rapper Scarface was honored at the BET Hip Hop awards last night. Face received the “I Am Legend” award for his lifetime achievement in Hip Hop. Apparently, Face forgot to check with his P.O. before leaving the state of Texas because cops were waiting for him as soon as he stepped off of the […]

The Migos have been missing one of their members since they were all arrested in April and a judge refused to release Offset. Prosecutors are claiming that Offset is a gang member who should not be released from prison any time soon, but the rapper and his lawyer are strongly disputing that according to TMZ. […]

 Beanie Seigle has got to be one of the most dumbest criminals…..smh. Beans just got popped for drugs and guns two weeks before he is set to start a 2 year bid for tax evasion. Beanie Sigel was arrested last night after the car he was riding in was pulled over and cops found guns and […]

 Former Bad Boy artist G-Dep was found guilty of 2nd degree murder for a 1993 shooting. G-Dep said his drug addiction and guilty conscious led him to confess to the murder in 2010. Mr. Special Delivery faces a minimum of 15 years in prison with sentencing set for May 8th. With so many Bad Boy […]

Big shouts to the homie Petey Pablo for holding it down for me on the radio while I went on my Christmas vacation. Putting work in before he began his 35 month prison sentence after being convicted for trying to take a loaded, stolen handgun through a NC airport last year. You can stay in […]