Photo from Rapper JaRule was released from a NY State prison today after serving time on a 2 year sentence for gun possession but he won’t be in concert anytime soon because he went straight to federal prison. Yep! JaRule still have to serve time 28-month sentence he was handed after pleading guilty to […]

 JaRule will be making his way home a little earlier than expected. JaRule started serving a 2 year sentence for tax evasion June 2011 and is expected to come home February 2013. Ja has spent his time in the big house earninghis High School Diploma and working out…..check out how swole  he look in the picture. He also has […]

 After serving 6 years in prison for sexual battery and extortion rapper Mystical went right back in for probation violation after being charged for domestic abuse against his kids mother. The light bulb may have went off in his head and he recorded this joint before he did his 3 month bid……check it out. *WARNING […]

 Former Bad Boy artist G-Dep was found guilty of 2nd degree murder for a 1993 shooting. G-Dep said his drug addiction and guilty conscious led him to confess to the murder in 2010. Mr. Special Delivery faces a minimum of 15 years in prison with sentencing set for May 8th. With so many Bad Boy […]

DMX can take care of his 10 kids now that he has let go of the Ohhhweeee. X said that he let the cocaine go so he can direct his 10 kids on the right path. DMX credits God for helping  his struggle with drug use and his pastor says that you can see a […]

Well it look like we gonna have to wait a little longer to see a free T.I. His lawyer confirmed that he will not be released on Wednesday, August 31st from an Arkansas prison like reports have stated. He will be released on September 29th.

It look like former Bad Boy artist Black Rob is back like Whoa! Check out the interview as he speak on Diddy, The Bad Boy Era and what he got poppin now…..

DMX promises fans a new album but it don’t look like it will be on Maybach Music. Rumor had it that X was about to sign to Maybach Music but he says NAHHHHHh it ain’t happening but he will be bringing back the realness to hiphop. ( WE HOPE SO)!! Check out his post jail […]

DMX is a free man! He was released from prison earlier today and said his first stop is a visit to his probation officer then a lil shopping. He also said he was going to visit his daughter, which one…I don’t know since he has 10 kids and 6 baby mama’s. DMX say he feels […]

JaRule got hit with some more prison time yesterday after being convicted on tax evasion charges. He is already serving a 2year sentence on gun charges. Ja will serve both 2 year sentences concurrently, and is expected to be released in 2013.

T.I. sent a message to his fans through his website To read it click here…

JaRule is set to start his 2 year prison sentence today at New York Rikers Island Prison. He was convicted last year of gun possession and was to begin his sentence in March but had it pushed back to work on a new album. The CD titled “Pain Is Love” is due out this summer.Maybe […]