Facebook announced that it has designated some high-profile people, including Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and right-wing political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos as “dangerous.” They say that they will be removing them from their platforms. Facebook officials say Farrakhan is being removed for his anti-semetic language. Facebook is also getting rid of right-wing conspiracy theorist […]

Facebook went to work over the weekend and deleted almost all the videos of the horrific New Zealand attack from their social media platform. The video which was filmed by Australian terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant showed the disturbing moments he entered a Mosque and killed 50 Muslim worshipers. Facebook says it scrubbed 1.5 million videos […]

TMZ Sports reports that Colin’s name has been put back in the game ahead of its release on Friday. Related Stories: Al Shaprton Is Giving Electronic Arts’ Apology To Colin Kaepernick The Side-Eye Okaaay: A Colin Kaepernick Comedy Series Is In The Works & I Have Questions Text “K975” To 52140 for your chance at […]

Just a week after Kylie Jenner shares that she removed her lip fillers, the beauty mogul has created virtual ones. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family, who recently graced the cover of Forbes, just launched her own filter on Instagram which gives her fans the chance to get their own colorful pout! Related Stories: How […]

According to TMZ, witnesses say Odom was seen getting drunk before boarding a Delta flight heading to New York City on Monday night. He reportedly was seen throwing back multiple beers and whisky at the Delta Lounge in LAX, and was completely wasted by the time he boarded his flight. Witnesses in first class say […]

  Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy recently got the Alec Baldwin treatment when he was forcibly removed from a flight. Soulja Boy was kicked off an…

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  Chris Brown has been forced to get rid of the graffiti drawings he painted in the front of his Hollywood Hills house. Brown has been…