According to TMZ, Floyd and Lois went to the Stained Glass Wedding Chapel and got hitched. Sources confirmed Floyd “Money” Mayweather, was not in attendance, but he’s apparently known his new stepmom for a while and has considered her family well before she officially became a Mayweather. Related Stories: Floyd Mayweather Talks About 50 Cent […]

A woman has come forward about her undergrad, sexual relationship with R. Kelly. Jerhonda Pace brings yet another allegation against Kells, but unlike most, she claims he had her sign nondisclosure agreements. She also claims he paid her to keep her mouth shut about what allegedly went down between them. But like always…. we’re sure […]

I guess homewrecking CAN lead to happiness. I GUESS! But anyways Mr. and Mrs. Kaseem Dean were wed this past Saturday in a very private and elegant setting in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea west of Italy. The event was attended by many big names including Queen Latifah, Tommy Hilfiger, Bono and Christian […]