side chick

So remember a few months back when news broke that the reason why LaLa was planning on leaving Carmelo was because he got another chick preggo? Well the woman in question immediately went into hiding until after the birth of their baby girl! Welp, we’ve unearthed pictures of the woman AND the baby: Yall think […]

Torrei Hart recently sat down with Radio One Life and said she’s all for non-traditional marriages, including a good side chick. “I’ve never even said this out loud or publicly, but I kind of like the Muslim faith. I think if you can afford her, you should have an extra wife,” Hart said. She went […]

LHHATL star Rasheeda Frost went on the View to discuss the possibility of Kirk getting his side piece pregnant and if so, would she stay: What is going on with these married men getting careless?? SMH

There’s nothing worse than a serious slip of the tongue — on national television. South African soccer player Mohammad Anas may have to hear his wife’s wrath after his recent interview in which he thanked her, and his girlfriend. After a two-goal performance in Free State vs. Cape Town on Friday, Anas told reporters, “And I appreciate […]

It ain’t side chick day yet, but when it comes to NFL star Reggie Bush, you are the father! Monique Exposito took a DNA test which proves that Reggie is 100% the father of her son Preston Alexander Exposito. Related Stories: Reggie Bush’s Side Chick Baby Is Due In February!!! Paternity Files: Nick Cannon, Reggie […]

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's relationship came to a screeching halt not too long ago.

By now it’s pretty obvious that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are no longer together. And what’s even more obvious is that his infidelity is the reason for the end of the couple’s romance. While Meek hasn’t exactly been subtle about it, the woman he cheated with has been sounding alarms about it as well, […]

Can you imagine how empowered Hillary Clinton would've been if Beyonce's 'Lemonade' was around in 1998?

So is this what sidechicks are doing now? This tragic yet, hilarious video went viral of a “sidechick” crashing a wedding. Just out of curiosity, who do you think is wrong in this situation? The groom or the alleged sidechick? Check it out below: The woman can be heard off camera saying “…is this what […]

The more side chicks begin to put their famous flings on blast for the way the’ve been treated, the more these famous stars are fighting…

Singer turned reality sensation K. Michelle has constantly stated that she is not above busting someone in the eye should they step out of bounds…