Now we have all either experienced or heard about the experience of someone’s parents using their name for a bill or line of credit. Well, if your parents are always in the public eye and live a lavish lifestyle you would think you don’t have to worry about that, but that’s not the case for […]

  Record executive and reality TV star Simon Cowell has broken the G code. The “X-Factor” judge is getting ready to have his first child…

In yet another glowing reminder of how fame trounces everything else now, Khloe Kardashian is reportedly in the running to become the next host of…

 Big shouts to all of the talented people who came out this past Saturday to Crabtree Mall for a chance to win an audition for Simon Cowell’s X Factor and a chance to win $5 Million!!!! Hundreds of people came out for their chance to be one of four people to win.Congratulations goes out to […]

X Factor’s $5 Million dollar contest is back and they are having national auditions in Greensboro,NC. Come join me on Saturday, April 21st at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh for auditions and a chance to win one of  FOX 50’s  four  GUARANTEED auditions in Greensboro. I will be one of the judges at THE X […]

Nick goes into detail about how he gets no sleep, how it is hosting America’s Got Talent, how Simon has first dibs and even tells us the greatest gift Mariah gave to him! Follow us on Twitter @979thebox and check the full video below!

Site: Simon Cowell said he honestly has no idea who will replace him on “American Idol” after this year, but he has some thoughts. During a conference call on Thursday, the departing judge said whoever fills his seat needs to have knowledge and not just the ability to be critical. “I think over the […]

VIA: Haeley Vaughn shocked American Idol judges with her cute personality and Pop Country singing style.  She is the first black pop country mainstream singer that American Idol has ever seen, and she represents well.  Check out her American Idol audition below: Simon Cowell was enamored with her right away. “Cute little thing, aren’t […]