Robert Allen was indicted on first-degree murder charges by a grand jury last week for his alleged involvement in the robbery and shooting of XXXTentacion, and now he’s been arrested. The NY Times reports that the 22 year old from Fort Lauderdale was found in central Georgia and was taken into custody on Wednesday morning. […]

Michael Drejka, a 47 year old white man, got into a heated confrontation with Markeis McGlockton, a 28 year old black man over a handicapped parking spot and things went left. Drejka shot and killed McGlocton. The Florida police department stated that they will not be arresting the man who did it under the state’s […]

Ohio State University attack suspect is an 18 year old of Somali descent federal law enforcement officials say. Suspect has been identified as student Abdul Razak Ali Artan. There are 8 individuals who have been injured. Related Stories: Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn McCarrel Fatally Shoots Himself On Ohio Statehouse Steps Congratulations To Ohio State!!! […]

According to CNN, this is the Japan’s most deadly mass killing since World War II, with the victim;s ages ranking from 18 to 70. The suspect has been identified as 26- year old, Satoshi Uematsu. He worked at the facility up until February. However, it’s unclear if he resigned from his position or if he […]

Faisal Shahzad, age 30 was arrested around 11:45 p.m. ET Monday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport in connection to Time Square Bombing.