We all know someone who may does a little fudging on their income taxes to reduce their liability to get a bigger refund … but how far would you really go? And would you do  $94 million dollars worth of fudging? *in my Ed Lova voice* C’mon Son An Atlanta woman was arrested recently after […]

As you wait on your W 2’s to file your taxes, don’t cheat yourself. Be mindful of these overlooked tax deductions. * Out Of Pocket Charitable Tax deductions:Drove your car for charity in 2013,deduct 14 cents per mile, plus parking and tolls paid. Prepared a meal for a non-profit organization?…Deduct what you spent on ingredients.You […]

Every year we all get advice on how to deal with tax returns. Figuring it all out can get a bit crazy. Even worse is when we receive the refund and realize it’s all gone before we had it. Here is how to be smarter. Tax time: That interestingly peculiar time of year when ordinarily […]

WTH! Inmates scam the IRS out of 30 MILLION…where the hell they cash the checks at? For more on this click here…

Via: WRAL The North Carolina Department of Revenue can’t pay about $2.5 million owed to 7,900 taxpayers because their returns are too old to receive a refund under state law, officials said Wednesday. Teams of workers from the Revenue Department in recent months processed about 242,000 tax returns dating to 1994 that had been flagged […]