This past weekend, a lot of violence, especially gun violence, plagued the streets nationwide. Most notably, Toya Wright lost two brothers to random bullets in New Orleans, a rapper by the name of Killa J was shot during an attempt to rob Soulja Boy, and all of this occurs during a time when more and more police […]

In his weekly address, Obama shared a message of love and compassion, but also gave the American people a subtle reminder about the history of Thanksgiving. The President acknowledged pilgrims arrived in America looking for a safe haven, much like the Syrian refugees of today.

This contradicts Obama's earlier ambition of only having 1,000 troops in Kabul during an address on U.S. military presence in Afghanistan from 2014.

Today marks the official end of the War on Iraq after almost 9 years and almost 4,700 troops lives lost. The first plane load of troops landed in Fort Hood this morning and all are expected home by the end of the year. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has kicked off Campaign “Yellow Ribbon” as we […]

Via: WRAL Thousands of Camp Lejeune-based Marines are expected to arrive off the shore of Haiti’s devastated capital city Monday.

Via: WRAL Sgt. Leo McKeithan is among the more than 4,000 North Carolina National Guard Soldiers with the 30th Brigade who are currently serving in Iraq this Christmas. “This is the first time we’ve actually been away from each other since we’ve been married this long, especially this is our first Christmas not being together […]