It’s been almost a year since the infamous Irving Plaza shooting that left four people shot and one killed — even costing Troy Ave and Taxstone their freedom. On Thursday, news broke that Tax told officials that Troy Ave is actually the one who should be behind bars for attempted murder, not him. The Game‘s […]

Rapper Troy Ave is catching a few side eyes since he referred to himself as the new Tupac AKA “Nu-Pac” . The rapper sat down with the Breakfast Club and explained what he meant by that: Hmmmmm I think he needs to have several seats!

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Last year rapper Troy Ave was arrested for murder after a shooting at a T.I. concert that left one person dead and multiple people injured. Troy has since been released on bail, but cops today cops made another arrest in connection with the incident. Various media outlets are reporting that Hip Hop podcast host Taxstone […]

Christmas Day 2016 took George Michael and attempted to pull Troy Ave from us after he was shot in Brooklyn on his way home for Christmas. According to reports, Troy was at a stop light, driving a red Maserati convertible when someone opened fire on his car striking him in the arm and grazing his head. […]

It seems that the issue lies within his bail restrictions. He's not able to perform and therefore, isn't making any money.

The New York City Irving Plaza concert that left one dead back in May allegedly left two other concertgoers severely injured.

Rapper Troy Ave was released from prison on Monday after posting a $500,000 bond secured by his mother’s home in Brooklyn. Troy may be home for now, but he won’t be able to travel due to his house arrest conditions. The rapper was locked up and charged with attempted murder back in May after a […]

Things are starting to look up for Troy Ave. According to reports, the Brooklyn rapper won’t be charged with murder in the deadly Irving Plaza shooting last month that left one man dead and three, including Troy, injured. A grand jury has indicted the rapper on second-degree attempted murder and four counts of criminal possession […]

Even though he is currently behind bars awaiting trial on attempted murder (Click HERE if you missed that) rapper Troy Ave is doing something to support members of his community. Troy has set up an athletic scholarship at his former high school. This is also the same school that Troy’s friend Ronald ‘Banga’ McPhatter who […]

Troy Ave was indicted on charges related to the fatal shooting at Irving Plaza last month that left one dead and three people injured.

Troy Ave did an interview from jail. Well, kinda’!! He did a freestyle, said he’s innocent, he lost his best friend and some more stuff. Check it out!!! He says he “wants the world to know the truth”!! Check out the video below. Note: *PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR […]