Though we haven’t really cared about the Black Eyed Peas since Bill Clinton was President of the United States, we gotta say that the concept behind their new music video is incredibly interesting.

Attorneys for Funk legend George Clinton have filed a multi-million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit over a remix of the group’s 2003 hit song “Shut Up.”

Watch the premiere of Nicki Minaj &'s brand new music video "Check It Out" from Nicki's forthcoming album "Pink Friday." I am hip-hop! If there’s anyone that’s the personification of hip-hop, I’m probably the most hip-hop nigga out of all these hip-hop niggas. But hip-hop editorial and blogs and even some of the hip-hop fans don’t see it that way, which is cool. I’m going to win. I’m going to win and win bigger […]

From TMZ‘s ride got boom boom pow’d in the Hollywood Hills Monday night — according to law enforcement sources, bad guys broke into his Bentley and jacked over $10,000 worth of stuff. TMZ has learned the Black Eyed Peas star made the shocking discovery himself and called the police to file a report. According […]

Check out Usher’s new video for “OMG”

Usher has just scored his ninth No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with “OMG,” his latest single from the album “Raymond v. Raymond.”