Willow Smith gave us a sneak peek at her new video “Fireball” a few weeks ago, but now we are treated to the full clip. Nicki Minaj rides shotgun on the song from Willow’s debut, Knees & Elbows, due April 13, 2012. (props to Missinfo.tv) Willow Smith Stays Up late With Jimmy Fallon! [VIDEO] Sneak […]

A lot of times, children get underestimated. Although we tell kids they can do anything they want as long as they put their minds to it, some of us tend to be skeptical when their desires lead them to the entertainment industry. Some make it and some don’t. Willow Smith reps well for the adolescent girls. For the young […]

It’s been a year since Willow Smith had the world singing “Whip My Hair,” and now she’s dropped her third single “Fireball” featuring Nicki Minaj. Will this be a big deal like “Whip My Hair,” or come and go like her second single “21st Century Girl”? RELATED POSTS: Why Willow Smith Is “Torn” [VIDEO] How […]

As the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, little Willow Smith could have someone on payroll to make the big decisions around her career, but she’s torn. Watch as Willow takes control of her music in this video and explains her dilemma. RELATED POSTS: How Will Smith Spent His 43rd Birthday Willow & Jaden […]

The Guinness Book Of World Records 2012 has been released and inside, some of our favorite singers and celebs have been named the holders of some impressive records. Beyonce snagged the record for most related Tweets per second when she made her baby announcement at the 2011 MTV VMAs. 8,868 tweets were sent out per […]

She don’t need her parents money because she has her own and lots of it! Willow Smith and her brother Jaden made People’s Magazine’s Richest Teen List and she’s not even a teen. Jaden raked in $5million for his role in “The Karate Kid” and Willow pocketed $4million for 1 freakin single!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Whip My Hair” […]

Willow Smith stole the show last night at Nickelodeon’s 2011 Kid’s Choice Awards.  She performed her new hit single, “21st Century Girl” while suspended in the air and then “Whip My Hair” once she landed on the stage. Willow came to the awards right from her European tour with teen sensation Justin Bieber, who took […]

The director of the upcoming “Annie” remake starring Willow Smith has quit. Ryan Murphy, who created the hit musical show “Glee,” dropped out of the film after “talks broke off.” “Dancing With The Stars” Promises Confrontation If Chris Brown Makes Appearance Ray Charles’ Mistress Brags About Stealing His Cash & Aborting Baby According to Deadline, […]

Willow Smith took to Twitter last night to give her two cents on Chris Brown’s “GMA” window-smashing incident. Or so we thought. It seems whoever is handling her Twitter account forgot that they were supposed to be representing a 10-year-old. Chris Brown Apologizes For “GMA” Incident How Many Times Should A Black Man Apologize? If […]

Willow Smith is getting advice from Jay-Z while the 10-year-old is hard at work on her debut album, coming out on Roc Nation soon.

Willow Smith transforms a desolate desert into a massive metropolis in the music video for her latest single, “21st Century Girl.”

Willow Smith‘s brand new single, “21st Century Girl” debuted on the internet this morning. The 10-year-old daughter of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith has another pop hit on her hands.