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I recently ask random students at N.C. Central University about things that bugged them the most. These were the most common answer in oder of annoyance:

5. People who do not respond back to text quickly. It is very annoying when you are texting someone and they respond back 15-20 mins later. It’s like come on I forgot what we were talking about. If you are too busy let me know and we can talk later.

4. Getting prepared for the real world. It is annoying that you can’t recieve hands on experience in the classroom, to help better prepare you for the work force or internships.

3. Unreliable people. If you tell me you are going to do something then do it. If you can’t then let me know I can ask someone else.

2. People who always asking for something. I don’t mind you borrowing things once in a while but come on if you need item that bably there is an 24 hour Wal-Mart in Brier Creek.

1. Natural hair!! Ugg.. I’m happy that ladies are going natural but come on, when you come up to natural ladies and act like it something really serious its not. Schools are starting organizations for natural hair, its good that ladies are going back to their natural roots and getting rid of the creem crack but its not that serious.

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