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Via: Allhiphop

Rapper Jay-Z is calling upon fans to hit the polls for the General Elections that are taking place nationwide on November 2nd in the United States.

Jay-Z is featured in a new PSA for Vote Again 2010 and During the 35-second clip, Jay-Z is featured on stage clad in black, talking to tens-of-thousands of fans, reminding them of their civic duty and constitutional right, to vote.

“We need something really special this year, just to show that our generation changed the world… we changed the world,” Jay-Z said. “So it just goes to show, anything is possible. Fight for what’s right, fight for what you believe in.”

HeadCount was founded in 2004 by Marc Brownstein of the electronic Rock band The Disco Biscuits, along with author Andy Bernstein, who wrote the Phish fan guide “The Pharmers Almanac.”

“In a year when there is such negativity in this country, Jay-Z’s positive message is even more powerful,” Bernstein told “When he told the crowd at Bonnaroo ‘We changed the world,’ it was a truly electric moment. Thousands of people got goosebumps, and I knew it would make an unforgettable PSA.”

A number of celebrity musicians have lent their support to, which employs a small, full-time staff, in addition to 75 volunteers and 20 board members.

In 2008, Jay-Z helped send voters to polling stations, which had the highest turnout of young Americans voting in the history of the country.