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Via: Allhiphop

Hitt Afta Hitt CEO Johnnie Cabbell has denied allegations allegations that he stiffed another promoter out of a show featuring popular Atlanta rapper, Waka Flocka Flame.

A number of lawsuits were filed against Cabbell and Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment in 2009 and 2010, claiming that Cabbell and his company booked Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame and kept the deposits when the rappers failed to either show or perform at various concerts.

Last week, Walter Conwell  and promotion company G.D.B. filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against, Cabbell, claiming his company raised the price and changed the dates for a performance featuring Waka Flocka in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I personally have not been served with any papers,” Johnnie Cabbell told AllHipHop.com.  “This [AllHipHop News Story]  was my first time being aware of any lawsuit. My lawyers haven’t informed me of any thing. But he was in the wrong and he didn’t want to pay the backend for the difference of what he had to pay. He wanted to have Waka to do the show once he came out and we weren’t going to let him do it and the show didn’t happen because of him.  He waited until a year later to do this?  How are yall gonna post something a year later?”

Cabbell scoffed at the notion of a $1,000,000 dollar lawsuit over a dispute that involved less than $2,000 dollars. The lawsuit claims that G.D.B. spent over $20,000 dollars to book Waka Flocka Flame for an under 21 show in Birmingham, Alabama in June of 2009.

“All of this is over $1,000 dollars. This is an old performance that never happened. Waka was in the city, its not like Waka didn’t want to perform that show.  I’ve done numerous shows from Crime Mobb, to Nicki Minaj, to Gucci, to Jeezy,  to Rick Ross, all the way up to Diddy.”

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama, G.D.B. Promotions sent a $1,800 deposit to secure Waka Flocka, with another $1,500 due when the rapper arrived at the venue.

After the wire was sent, G.D.B. claimed that he was contacted by Hitt After Hitt and told that Waka Flocka would no longer honor the agreement, because  the rapper was booked by JAMZ FM, a local Hip-Hop station.

G.D.B., which purchased advertising time with JAMZ, attempted to reach Hitt Afta Hitt with reps from JAMZ, but couldn’t contact a representative for Hitt Afta Hitt to resolve the issue.

“We haven’t had a bad track record as far as my shows, and as far as the way I do shows. It’s just if there is a discrepancy, then they cant perform,” Cabbell said.