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The legendary lyricist has shared a verse from a song titled “Reach” from the album, to honor the late Jam Master Jay, who was shot and killed eight-years-ago Saturday (October 30th), in his Hollis, Queens recording studio.

I testified my mama cried
Everybody cried the night JamMaster died
Seen it on the TV and I couldn’t believe
What was this news I was about to receive
Most of my friends are killers and thugs
In jail for murder or sellin them drugs
Not JMJ, he’s a DJ…DJ’s don’t go out that way
Oh I forgot, remember Scott La Rock
Just like Jay he got shot on the block
I need to reminisce but I never cry
I’m just too pissed that they always gotta die!
Reach for the sky
Hold em up High
Can you tell me why somebody
Gotta die!

– Darryl “DMC” McDaniels “Reach”