Every rapper takes pride in his ability to paint pictures with words. So it’s fitting that one of the world’s most famous MC’s has decided…

Sorry JoJo some people got it and some dont and I guess Diggy’s got what you wanted……………Rap Skillz. Check Diggy Simmons out as he rips a freestyle………..

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare) RUN DMC JMJ Way, Hollis Avenue & 205 St When: August 30, 2009 What: The pioneer rap trio get a street named after them in their neighborhood of Hollis, Queens. «  PREVIOUS NEXT  » In celebration of Black Music Month, TheUrbanDaily’s “It’s All Black Music” presents 100 Rewarding Black Music […]

Run-DMC co-founder Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels is working on a new, untitled album.

Rap legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of the world famous rap group Run-DMC continues to campaign for the rights of adopted and abused children. DMC is part of the “Be Careful Who Cares for Your Child” public service campaign in New York that is encouraging parents to be more responsible with the people they hire to […]