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Via: Allhiphop

The internet forced Dr. Dre’s new single and the renown producer is running with the song “Kush” even though he’s not particularly fond of the tune’s marijuana-themed content.

Dr. Dre recently told radio host Big Boy that he was going to continue to promote the song even though it wasn’t the preferred move.

“It’s a little bit unfortunate with the technology today. [“Kush”] got leaked and it was a version of it that I really wasn’t happy about,” Dre. said, “[but] we’re going to go ahead and push it and put it out because everybody seems to like it. I just thought the content, it’s about weed smoking, and I don’t want people to think that that’s what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content.”

Dr. Dre, real name Andre Young, has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the long awaited Detox album, which is 10 years in the making. As of right now he is aiming for a February 2011 release date.

“I see the finish line right now,” he admitted. “I’m wrapping it up. I need about two or three more songs and then hopefully I’ll start the mixing process at the end of next month. And then from that point I’m about thirty-days out.”

He explained, as he has in the past, the reasons for the lengthy delay on the highly anticipated project.

He continued, “I’m seriously excited about it. It’s feeling good now. One of the reasons it was taking so long is because I felt like I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to really feeling it. As of last year, I’ve been really feeling where it’s going and it feels good and I think I’m ready.”

In the meantime Dr. Dre is working on other endeavors. He has a line of bestselling high-performance headphones entitled Beats by Dr. Dre. Additionally he has teamed up with the computer manufacturer HP to include the headphones with the sale of their laptops.