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After months of searching you have found the perfect apartment: two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a garage. You can’t wait to move in.

But before rushing into a lease, here are 10 questions to ask your landlord courtesy of

1. Paint. Normally the landlord will pain tbeofre you move in. Feel them out and see if you can supply your own paint colors. This is what we’re doing now and it’s saved us time since we would have painted ourselves.

2. Upgrade appliances.Check out the appliances and if the fridge still doesn’t have a separate freezer see if they’re willing to upgrade it. Pitch the idea of energy efficiency.

3. Carpet upgrade. Is the carpet worse for wear? Could it use a deep cleaning or could it be switched out. Before you sign the lease see if the landlord will pay for that to happen and if not see if they’ll split it with you.

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4. Utilities. Make sure you understand what the landlord is responsible for and what you are. In the house we’re moving to we’re responsible for the trash and electricity, and the landlord is responsible for water. The tricky part is that they all come on the same bill.

5. Paypal. We had a landlord once that accepted the rent check via paypal. While this was probably unusual, it was very convenient since the rent check was the only physical check we would have been writing, all the rest of our bills we pay online.

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