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If you have ever been de-friended or ignored after sending a Friend Request on Facebook and you’ve felt a bit slighted or down-right rejected then your not alone. Check out this piece originally posted via CNN.COM.

Elaine Fogel has amassed more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, a professional networking Web site, by extending invites to those who appear to fit her wide array of career interests.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, people just say yes,” she said.

But then came “this one woman” who Fogel encountered on one of the 40-plus discussion groups she belongs to on LinkedIn. The woman offered interesting opinions, so Fogel sent her an invitation to join her network.

“She sent an e-mail saying, ‘I only connect with people I know, and hopefully our paths will cross one day,’ ” said Fogel, of Phoenix, Arizona, her voice still carrying notes of disbelief. “I read that, and I said, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve been rejected.’ ”

Fogel echoes other users who have felt the twinge of hurt and surprise from social media rejection. Some may think hers is an overreaction — it happened online, with a woman she didn’t know — but recent research shows that our “digital egos” can bruise as easily as we do in person. In fact, rejection online may have the potential to sting even more.

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