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Hip-Hop’s Founding Father Kool Herc is currently at home resting and recovering from recent surgery to remove kidney stones, according to his sister, Cindy Campbell.

Kool Herc’s sister told The New York Times that the Hip-Hop pioneer underwent surgery for kidney stones in October of 2010, despite not having any health insurance.

The pioneering DJ went to St. Barnabas Hospital and had a stent temporarily inserted to relieve the pressure, but bad weather and sickness prevented Kool Herc from returning to have it removed.

According to reports, Kool Herc must still undergo another surgery for the kidney stones, prompting an outpouring of support for DJ’s, rappers and fans, who have vowed to help him pay the medical bills he incurs during the procedure.

“There isn’t any type of medical program for these artists,” Cindy Campbell told The New York Times. “Maybe it takes a visible person like Herc for people to pay attention. Maybe we can help set something up. My brother and I were trailblazers. We tried to save the building. Now we’re going to advocate for plenty of other artists and have a program to assist them.”

Hip-Hop historian, publicist and former Def Jam Records executive Bill Adler told The New York Times that unfortunately, those who choose to pursue a living as an artist, can face serious financial and health risks.

“The reality is that the majority of people who choose a life in the arts make a tough economic choice. They’re almost choosing voluntary poverty,” Bill Adler said.