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The FBI has just released its files on Michael Jackson. Apparently they were contacted by the LAPD Sexually Exploited Child Unit to help investigate Michael Jackson after his case in 1993. Here is what TMZ found in the files.

The FBI was secretly involved in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson, according to documents just released by the agency.

There are also documents showing the FBI was involved in the 1993 molestation investigation. In one doc, there are notes which state Jackson was riding in a train with a boy whom Jackson identified as his cousin. The notes say, “He was very possessive of boy,” and at night on the train a witness “heard questionable noises through wall.”

The FBI went as far as to make the investigation international, traveling across the globe to find dirt on Michael Jackson.

According to documents just released by the FBI, in 1993 the LAPD and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies “Plan to travel to Manila, Philippines… for the purpose of interviewing (names deleted) concerning their knowledge of accusations against Michael Jackson of sexual abuse of young boys.”

We know the people sought to be interviewed were a man and woman who had worked at Neverland from 1988 – 1990 and allegedly witnessed molestation.

According to docs, an FBI special agent was involved in the Manila trip.

And another doc states a legal attache for the U.S. Embassy in London was sending information back home regarding sexual misconduct by Jackson in England … specifically, a phone call to a teenage boy.


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