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We all have heard inspirational songs that cross into our prayer life when we need to be inspired and picked up from the every day demands of life. It’s those inspirational songs that we play when we are feeling out of sorts with the world.

These songs are guaranteed to encourage, enlighten and inspire you. Each one of us has a song or two, that we run to when we are feeling low, unappreciated or just lost.

Here is a list that will help you get moving out of the lows to the highs.

#10The Clark Sisters-“You  Brought The Sunshine” The song was a Pop chart  hit and still plays in regular  rotation.

#9- Diana Ross- “Reach Out and Touch” This song has been sung in many a church to remind us of our duty to each other. When I was a teenager this song was our peace song for many years at Mass.

8 – Whitney Houston -“Greatest Love of All–  At  the height of this song, there wasn’t a graduation in the world that  wasn’t using it. Now it is used as a self empowerment song.

7- Michael Jackson- “Hold My Hand” Michael’s song about  promising to be with someone  when they walked through life is a reminder that we are called to be good stewards of all the relationships in our life.

6. Marvin Gaye- “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” There have been people in our lives who we knew  would come and help us  at the drop of a hat. This song reminds us that a bond between friends or lovers can move mountains.

5 Mary J Blige – “One “- The song is a thinly veiled song directed towards the life of Christ. The lyric “Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth. We need to carry each other” speaks to  his relationship to the zealots of that time.

4. Stevie Wonder “Free”- This song reminds us that freedom is something  that we can claim and creat in our portion of the  world.

3. Shaggy and Friends “Save A Friend”– It is an inspirational,  heart warming song to make us  think of all the greatness in  contributing to others by  acts of kindness and love.

# 2. Jennifer Hudson “I am Changing” -It is a reminder that every day we are one step closer to being the person we should be.We  are constantly changing and evolving.

# 1 Boys  II Men   “Thank You” – The song is an ode to being thankful for all the graces we have in life. What better way to pick up your spirits? You need to say  thank you for what you have.

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