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President Obama picks No. 1 seeds in NCAA

He revealed his choices today on ESPN’s Sportscenter.

This year, Barack chose the four top seeds in each region, playing it safe and ignoring the upset factor that always seeps into the world of March Madness.

Barack Obama has filled out his NCAA bracket, and the president thinks Kanas will survive March Madness and defeat Kentucky to win the title. His Final Four consists of Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova.

The president’s bracket is fairly safe, with two 1-seeds and two 2-seeds advancing to the Final Four. The lowest seeded team in his Elite Eight is 3-seed Georgetown.

Last year, Obama correctly picked North Carolina to win the tournament, and he provided commentary during the CBS broadcast of a Georgetown-Duke basketball game in January.

For those of you concerned with Obama’s focus on politics and world issues, he did make a statement that while viewers are filling out their brackets they should go to USAID.gov and visit the site to donate money to Japan.