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The world tries to weigh us down but we need to embrace happiness and agree to be happy. the ability to be happy or find happiness comes from embracing love. Love What is love?” Is this a question that needs an answer? Are Christians confronted with this question? Christians not only want to know what constitutes godly love, but they also have a need to recognize the characteristics of Christian love. Much of what we understand of love is based solely on worldly definitions, our own understanding developed  through years of personal experience and observation, or half-baked philosophies that we believe to be  correct. Yes, in answer to the question, we need to develop a scriptural  view of love.

We need to come to the understanding that the Christian life style is based on love, and if our life be not motivated by love, then the motivation is not godly but rather self-seeking. Without a doubt, the Christian life consists of learning to love God first of all, and our neighbors secondly.

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