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Dreams are what keep the human spirit alive. If you do not have a dream your spirit wains and will die. How many times have you looked at someone doing something with a wish in your heart to do the same.?  You are never too old to embrace a dream. Dreams are what keep us alive. They keep us moving. They keep us in the fight for life. Each night when we lay our  heads down for rest we hope for a better tomorrow.

Here  are 5 ways to get started.

Use Creativity- Think of all the ways to get enjoy getting your dream back. If you want to be a designer, freshen up your home. It is amazing how  small things can so rewarding.

Be Realistic- Make sure that your dream is realistic. It needs to be something that you have a real chance at obtaining.

Get Knowledge– Learn all there is to know about the things you dream of. If you want a home. Learn how to budget and improve your credit score.

Try Using Playfulness– Everything in life is not so serious. Remember to enjoy life you only walk this way once

Make A Contribution– Make sure that you do something each day towards obtaining your dream. Read an article about it. Join an organization that is dedicated to the interest. In the very least you help people around you.

Get started.  Dreams can be a reality once you get started. Good luck.

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