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Since we are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, and I am a HUGE TV fan I figured it would only be right for me to blog about 5 of my favorite TV moms. During their time on TV all of these moms helped shape a generation of young folks in some way. So in honor of Mom’s special day…This is how I show my appreciation for moms across the world, because all of us can relate to these TV moms in our real life.

1. Florida Evans – Florida epitomizes the mother who could make something out of nothing.  Always the optimist, Florida was constantly looking on the bright side when things were down.  She was the glue that held the Evans family together.  Whether it was cooking all of the family meals, staying prayed up, or putting the kids in check when they needed it, Florida was the sho’ nuff mamma that you did not want to mess up around.  Remember when James died…And Florida dropped that punch bowl ?!?!?!? DAMN….DAMN….DAMN….Need I say more?!?!

2. CLAIRE HUXTABLE – Claire showed us all that a mom on Television could balance a career in corporate America as well as hold down 5 kids and a husband.  When things got tough for Claire she never sweat the small stuff. She handled everything with style and grace.   Not only was she a great mother to her kids, but she also made sure that whenever her husband Cliff needed something she was right there by his side.

3-MAMMA PAYNE – There was no way in the world that you were going to get ANYTHING past Mamma Payne…If she wanted some information she had no problem standing outside of Martin’s door and eavesdropping on a conversation or putting Gina in her place if she got out of line.  Mamma Payne loved her Martin and Martin loved her.   You can tell that she did her best to raise Martin properly and even when he was wrong, Mamma Payne was going to say that he was right.

4. Vivian Banks(The Original) – Aunt Viv as The Fresh Prince called her was awesome because she was the type of mom to know that you were about to make a mistake, let you make the mistake, and then look at you and tell you about yourself because you should have known better from the get go.  Aunt Viv was classy, but also no nonsense.  She took her West Philly values to Beverly Hills and maintained a family and a career.  She balanced her career and family and made sure that even though all of her kids (and Will) had different personalities she always treated them fairly.

5 – Tasha Mack – I call her  “Tell It Like It Is” Tasha Mack! No matter what the situation was, Tasha Mack was gon let you know EXACTLY how she felt about it. Sometimes you might like what she says, sometimes you might not.  Regardless of how you feel about what she said, you are going to always respect her.   But not only did Tasha’s attitude make her a great mom, she was also an ultimate hustler so to speak.  Tasha did whatever she had to do to make sure that she got every dollar that she possibly could get.