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For 33 years, the FDA has pondered stricter standards for sunscreens that would require the products to provide a minimal amount of sun protection.

Currently, SPF refers only to protection from UVB rays, which cause sunburns, not to UVA rays, which cause skin cancer. Effective next summer, the SPF will have to refer to both forms of ultraviolet light.

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No product will be allowed to proclaim itself waterproof; according to  news reports no sun protection withstands the water. Finally, the regulations will  SPF claims at “50+,” since there’s no evidence of enhanced sun protection for SPF greater than 50.

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In fact, sunscreens very high SPF expose consumers to more chemicals while the benefits are questionable. Sunscreen critics at the Environmental Working Group are  dissatisfied with the current standards and have issued their own key warnings. Take a look  at their advice here.