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Fans anticipating OutKast’s Andre 3000 return to the big screen may be disappointed as new reports claim the biopic of late rocker Jimi Hendrix has been shelved. While a documentary is in the works, a big screen flick will not make it to theaters.

The Experience Hendrix estate, in charge of all Hendrix material and images, have squashed the hopes of a biopic going forward, along with the our fantasy of this perfect casting. Experience Hendrix and their CEO, Hendrix’s sister Janie, have “made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation.” A musician’s biopic without music? That is decidedly unfoxy, lady! (The Boom Box)

In early July, Captain America actress Hayley Atwell said Andre 3000 were slated to star in the film.Next up is possibly a Jimi Hendrix biopic — an independent film with Andre 3000 from OutKast playing Jimi Hendrix. But I don’t know, really. The Atwell team is like, Let’s just wait and see… Ilove how I call them Team Atwell because each of them works with fifty other people as well. Sometimes they forget who I am. I was on the phone with a member of Team Atwell once, and we chatted for like half an hour and he said, “I really loved you in that film.” And I said, “I wasn’t in that film.” Team Atwell doesn’t even know who Hayley Atwell is. (Esquire)