A couple of years ago there were some pictures of Oscar De La Hoya that apparently showed him dressed up like a woman in panties, hgh heels and fishnet stockings.  Oscar denied the pictures initially by saying that he thought that they had been dotored, while the woman who took the pics and sold them to the tabloids stood by her claims and said that he was indeed in the pictures and was fully aware of what he was doing.

Now De La Hoya is ready to come clean and admit that he was actually in the pictures…BUT heres the gotcha gotcha…he says that he was high on dope at the time and ready to change his life around now….

In an interview at univision, De La Hoya said “Let me tell you, yes, it was me. I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.” De La Hoya had denied that the photos were authentic, saying that they had been doctored.

In the interview, De La Hoya came clean to using cocaine and alcohol in the past, which he recently received treatment for. De La Hoya seems to be opening up with his past in order to move forward as a new man.

This has got to suck for anybody who De La Hoya beat during his career. You can’t go back to the hood after getting knocked out by Rupaul’s little  brother…You just CAN’T!!


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